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The Jack Wesley Thriller Series
puhaka books, puhaka publishing
#1 Trouble Leaves Too Slow

W.B. Martin 2014

In this first book of the series, Jack Wesley takes to the open road on his bicycle...

#2 Shoving Back the Shadows

​W.B. Martin 2018

Our hero gets mixed up in a conspiracy of school shooters....

#3 Only Pretty Lies

W.B. Martin 2019

Sailing to the rescue, Jack might not make it in time...
#4 Forever Now

W.B. Martin 2018

Jack returns to bicycle touring and finds trouble once again...

#5 Chasing the Blackbird

W.B Martin 2018

Australian spider poison, Russian mob, Cypriot terrorists and killer drones. Trouble?

More W. B. Martin Novels
puhaka books, puhaka publishing

Sweetness in the Dark
W.B. Martin 2014

The world is headed toward financial collapse when a powerful solar flare crushes the Earth’s electrical grid. Paul Kendall is now in

arace against time...


Endangered Species
W.B. Martin 2014

In this Sci-Fi romantic thriller, Earth is visited by aliens intent on evening the score. The visitors have determined that humans have

dominated Earth for too...

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

German Golfers Who Changed the World
W.B. Martin 2014

​It’s May 1940 and the German Armies are racing across Belgium in an attempt

to trap the Allies and destroy...


Task Force Bismark
W.B. Martin 2019

The Mueller family saga continues in this sequel to German Golfers Who Changed the World...


It Started in Manila
W.B. Martin 2020 Coming soon

Once again W. B. Martin looks at history and asks ‘What If.

#6 Just Empty Every Pocket

​W.B. Martin (Coming 2019)

Coming Soon​
#7 Shaking Off Futility

​W.B. Martin 2018

Could Jack Wesley spend his honeymoon like everyone else?

#8 Pleasure Smiles

​W.B. Martin 2018

Missing friends and prostitutes. Jack is up for the challenge...

#9 Be Prepared to Bleed

​W.B. Martin 2019

The Mexican cartel messes with the wrong guy when they target Jack's daughter...

Young Adult

Cubo Zoan
W.B. Martin 2014

Francine had a successful career in high school sports and looked forward to college athletics. But an ankle injury changed everything and

depression soon set in...

Vincent van Gogh Likes Cats
W.B. Martin 2014

Twelve-year old Sophia Allen walks her dog every day. But one day is different than all the others when her dog discovers something

that will cause their lives to...


W.B. Martin 2019 Coming soon

Author W. B. Martin has given us such libertarian themed novels as the entire Jack Wesley Series and the classic libertarian manifesto, Sweetness in the Dark.

#10 Too Stupid to Survive

​W.B. Martin 2020 Coming Soon


NPA - No Permanent Adress
W.B. Martin 2020

It was the time of the Haight-Ashbury hippy movement, the Woodstock Music Festival, free love and personal expression.

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