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Puhaka Books is proud to feature the novels of  W. B. Martin.

Martin brings an adventurous lifestyle mixed with a wealth of knowledge about the world to each of his books. He has been roaming the world for the past 38 years and now brings his experiences to his writing. Long a student of history, economics and politics, each novel contains the type of plot that such extensive knowledge creates. Check out his listings below, and join others in discovering this new exciting author.

W.B. Martin

I began writing in 1976 while on a bicycle tour of  New Zealand. It was to be a bicycle guide to the North and South Islands. In 1979 I returned to gather more information, going so far as receiving permission from the New Zealand government to use their topographical maps in my book.


But life caught up to me with a new marriage, a new career and constructing my own home. Time moved along and the only writing I got to do was technical writing for work. A daughter came along and my writing continued to be on hold.


But during this entire time I was reading and traveling. My ideas were incubating. Gone was my original idea of writing non-fiction, replaced by a more creative desire to write novels. I felt as though I had something to say and fiction allowed me the correct vehicle to express myself


With life less encumbered, I finally had time to sit down and let the books flow out of my head. Writing my first six books in two years, it seemed as if each book was fully formulated as I put each into the computer. Three books were each written in less then three weeks time. While editing and proofing extended the time to publication, the kernel of each book’s plot stayed true to my original idea.


As a new writer, I’ve read numerous articles on being successful. Most tout the need to pick a genre and stick to it. I’ve strayed from that premise as I want my ideas out in the world versus complying with conventional wisdom. I hope you find my books challenging and thoughtful in a way I intended them to be read.

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

The author walking the elevated trail through the giant Tingle trees near Denmark, Western Australia.

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

The author visits the Indian Ocean beaches near Mandurah, Western Australia.

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

Author hiking in Idaho.

W. B. Martin Bicycle Touring in New Zealand in 1979

In 1979 W. B. Martin spent six months cycling through New Zealand, covering both the North and South Islands, traveling self contained on a bicycle. In addition, he spent considerable time backpacking through five of New Zealand's most stunning National Parks.

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

In 2012, the author returned to New Zealand to see how bicycle touring Downunder had changed.

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

The author kayaking in Oregon in 1977.

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