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NPA - No Permanent Adress

"It was the time of the Haight-Ashbury hippy movement, the Woodstock Music Festival, free love and personal expression. It was the generation that broke away from the moral underpinnings and set America and the world on a new trajectory. The late 1960’s brought in the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll era and author W.B. Martin was in the middle of it all. The quintessential contrarian, follow Martin from his improbable birth, his early life in Boston, to when he heads out west to find his place among the wild rivers and towering mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Always seeking freedom, his life changes to the point that he leaves his native country for foreign lands. As an ex-pat, he starts a new life on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. In his memoir, Urbiztondo, the author describes his quest for individual freedom in an increasingly oppressive world. In this separate addendum to his memoir, NPA - No Permanent Address, he offers a pictorial account of his search for contentment.:"

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