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Only Pretty Lies

Jack Wesley, retired police detective, is enjoying windsurfing with his daughter when an old friend calls. His friend’s sister appears to have been kidnapped onto a sailboat headed out onto the Pacific Ocean by someone with evil intent. Jack finds himself in a race across the Pacific while other actors in Hawaii plan revenge, a revenge that has been over 75 years in the making. Our detective soon discovers he is wrapped up in something far bigger then a simple kidnaping. Something he may not be able to get out of alive.

“This third book in the Jack Wesley Thriller Series measures up to the standard for action set previously. Back on a sailboat instead of his bicycle, Jack is reunited with his true love as he seeks out Kotone’s missing sister. Of course, the plot gets thicker and only Jack Wesley can sort out friend from bad guy as Hawaiian politics tries to crush him. A page turner from start to finish.”

Jackson P.

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