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W.B. Martin
Puhaka Books is proud to feature the novels of  W. B. Martin.

Martin brings an adventurous lifestyle mixed with a wealth of knowledge about the world to each of his books. He has been roaming the world for the past 38 years and now brings his experiences to his writing. Long a student of history, economics and politics, each novel contains the type of plot that such extensive knowledge creates. Check out his listings below, and join others in discovering this new exciting author.

Book List

puhaka books, puhaka publishing
Trouble Leaves Too Slow

W.B. Martin 2014

Retired police detective, Jack Wesley, is enjoying a cross country bicycle trip with his dog as his sole companion. The open road and Jack’s solitude is interrupted when he decides to help a fellow rider who has recently encountered a serious legal problem...

puhaka books, puhaka publishing

Sweetness in the Dark
W.B. Martin 2014

The world is headed toward financial collapse when a powerful solar flare crushes the Earth’s electrical grid. Paul Kendall is now in a race against time as he fights to save his family’s lives from the chaos that ensues. Every day counts as society struggles to gain control and begin a new era of freedom.

Vincent van Gogh Likes Cats
W.B. Martin 2014

Twelve-year old Sophia Allen walks her dog every day. But one day is different than all the others when her dog discovers something that will cause their lives to be forever changed.

Endangered Species
W.B. Martin 2014

In this Sci-Fi romantic thriller, Earth is visited by aliens intent on evening the score. The visitors have determined that humans have dominated Earth for too long. Charles Brody is selected as Earth’s representative to determine how humans will share the planet with other living creatures.

Cubo Zoan
W.B. Martin 2014

Francine had a successful career in high school sports and looked forward to college athletics. But an ankle injury changed everything and depression soon set in. Looking to help his daughter, Dewey suggests an adventure to change the scenery.

Shoving Back the Shadows
W.B. Martin 2017

In this second installment, retired police detective, Jack Wesley, returns to adventure. But this time he is on a sailboat circling the eastern United States. With his dog as a companion, Jack stumbles on a conspiracy to rob the country of its basic rights. Working with old friends from his Marine Corps days, he fights to find the truth to a rash of horrific crimes and who is behind them.

Chasing the Blackbird (coming April 2018)
W.B. Martin 2018

Retired police detective, Jack Wesley, is enjoying his solo canal boat journey across southern France. Late one night, a scantily clad woman swims onto his boat and asks to be hidden. Looking around, Jack sees three men methodically moving down the dock searching the neighboring boats. Doing the right thing, Jack suddenly finds himself in a plot to change the politics of Europe as he is immersed in drones, Australian spider poison, Cypriot terrorists and the Russian mob.

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